Hey guys!

I've been working hard on the audio side of things! Previously I showed you guys a video of us recording the voice acting. So this time I'll show off some music from the sound track!

Character Selection:

WoAX - When This Is All Over by Rekcahdam

Level 2:

WoA X - Ice Cold Heart by Rekcahdam

And for kicks I did a piano version of the character selection music for you guys! Who knows , I might find a spot for it in the game =).

Character Selection (Piano Version):

WoAX - When This Is All Over (Piano Version) by Rekcahdam

More updates to come!
5 Responses

  1. supershigi Says:

    Awesome tracks :) I emailed you some more detailed feedback, but just wanted to drop a note here to say you did a great job on these!

  2. RawNuts Says:

    Very awesome work!

  3. naomiful Says:

    Niiiiiiice work Roger you are a beast

  4. Anonymous Says:

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