I'll Fight Alone
Hey guys. I figured I'd post one of the first gameplay trailers of Wings of Apocalypse X up here. Hope you guys enjoy it! Another trailer will follow soon after this one !

Wings of Apocalypse X - I'll Fight Alone from R.J. H. on Vimeo.

New Site!
Hey Guys!

We have a new site design for playing Wings of Apocalypse X. Now when you go to www.wingsofapocalypse.com you will be taken to the following site:

Give us some feedback and let us know what you guys think!
Wings Of Apocalypse X (BETA)
It's finally here! A playable version of the game! Its simple, play Wings Of Apocalypse X and leave us some feedback!

If you enjoy the music from the game you can download it here.

Also, we developed this game using the Wild Pockets Web Based Engine. Anyone interested in creating their own content or just checking out a cool 3d Web Development Environment should check it out ( www.wildpockets.com )

Operating Systems:Windows XP or Vista or Windows 7
RAM: 256M
Processor:1.3 Ghz Intel Celeron M or any comparable AMD/Intel Processor
GPU: ATI 9000, Nvdia Geforce 4MX 32 MB or a equivalent OpenGL compatible GPU
EDNIV sketch

Bryan's color

Bryan's color ... :< Roger's soon to follow
Roger Square progress

Still designing... I have to go back and touch up Naomi's now that these are too cooler :( Enjoy !!
Bryan square progress

Bryan's square progress, b/w
:o ..
Hey guys!

I've been working hard on the audio side of things! Previously I showed you guys a video of us recording the voice acting. So this time I'll show off some music from the sound track!

Character Selection:

WoAX - When This Is All Over by Rekcahdam

Level 2:

WoA X - Ice Cold Heart by Rekcahdam

And for kicks I did a piano version of the character selection music for you guys! Who knows , I might find a spot for it in the game =).

Character Selection (Piano Version):

WoAX - When This Is All Over (Piano Version) by Rekcahdam

More updates to come!
Black & White
Happy New Year!

We're starting off 2010 by uncovering two new fighters! These fighters are special because their deflector shield system works differently than the red, green, and blue fighters.

The black fighter has NO deflector shield at all, but makes up for it with serious firepower. The white fighter, on the other hand, has no main weapon but its deflector shield will deflect any color projectile that is shot at it. These two fighters will really influence how players go through each level and we're very excited about including them.

Check them out!