The only baking I do is texture maps.
So I finished the texture on the mid-level boss and baked shadows and lighting into it. I like how it turned out...

I've been working on a whole bunch of other assets lately:
These are different enemies that I've finished and their color variations. The enemy of a certain color will of course shoot out bullets of that same color.

These are some level sections for a snow-themed level:
A mountainous area.

Some icebergs.

A snowy path with some metal supports running along the sides; possibly leading to a secret military base or something of the sort? We'll see.

I've decided to completely re-do Brian's fighter, but still using the same basic concept as the original model. For those who aren't familiar with the original, it looked like this:

But now, his fighter looks like this:
It's much cooler in my opinion.

My current project is the hovercraft/aircraft-carrier/gunship that your fighter will launch from in the very beginning of the game. I've fully modeled it but haven't textured it yet.
I've been working on the animation of effects like the wake that it makes in the water, it still isn't finalized.
I've also been trying to get the water to look the best that it can. I'm using both a normal and specular map to control how the water looks. The color map is just one solid color. The lighting in the WildPockets engine will also play a large factor in it's final appearance.

My next task is to animate all of the enemy paths for the first level, which I will be doing before I texture the hovercraft as it is a high priority to us at the moment.

Linezzzzz... 2 new characters (no names yet lol)

Just scanned and slightly cleaned... on to color and all that. -Naomi

just dumping off some art and sketches in the folder... first sketch is a peak at the extra characters so far.