In this initial blog post I'll be introducing the developers of this project. The team consists of 3 people; Brian Terwilliger ( aka StunWar) , Naomi Baker (aka Naomiful) , and myself , Roger Hicks (aka RekcahDam) .

Brian Terwilliger will be doing the 3D art and animation on this project. You can check out his blogspot at .

Naomi Baker will be doing the character art for the project. Here blog is her blog: .

I will be the programmer and music composer for the project and you can check my blog out at !

If there's anything you want to know about us or the project don't be afraid to ask in the comments area. We will be blogging as much of the development on Wings Of Apocalypse:X (tentative title) as much possible. So, stay tuned!
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