Progress update on art assets.
So I've been hard at work lately on various assets for WoA.

I decided to cut off the bridge area from the original game and instead have the level continue on a bit to reveal a giant crater, created by who knows what...

Here are some shots of the new area so far:
You can see here that a fault line has split a building in half vertically.

I love all of the rubble and debris in this section. The section of subway that is sticking out came out nicely in my opinion as well.

The last section before reaching the edge of the crater. The broken off chunk of road and the piece still hanging on are my favorite bits here.

This is my progress so far on the mid-level boss for level 1. It's a big ass flying fortress with a huge cannon and a bunch of guns and missiles mounted on it. I have the UV map all arranged already, but I've yet to texture it. I placed one of the fighters next to this thing to show the scale. Poly count on this enemy is 3070 tris.

This will be the boss at the end of level 1, a giant robotic spider that attacks the player while navigating along the rocky terrain of the giant crater. Blue cannons will only shoot out blue projectiles, the green and red cannons will only shoot out green and red projectiles, respectively. The cannons mounted to the back part can pivot, while the ones mounted on the front area cannot. However, the front "head" area will be able to pivot left and right to a limited degree. This enemy is 2930 tris.

I've also started work on sprites that will be used as shots from the player as well as enemies. The long, yellow projectiles will be from the standard weapon on the player's fighter, while the circular blue ones will be used as projectiles fired from a blue enemy. Green and red variations will be created by simply hue-shifting the blue version.
There are two frames for each projectile, so that they will blink on screen to help draw the player's attention to them.

Of course, details will be sacrificed quite a bit as I plan to devote only a 64x128 map to each set of projectile sprites, considering the size that they'll appear at in-game.
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